Interior design services

Design consultations for one room or your whole house. We can help you choose all the elements that make up your room design which includes:

Advice on colour schemes

I will work with your existing decor by providing new “pops” of colour to create interest and enhance features in your room or house.  Or, I can create a whole new colour scheme for you.


Choosing fabrics for soft furnishings such as curtains, upholstery and cushions can be a bit daunting. I can help you choose the right fabric to use for each element based your overall design.

Floor treatments

This includes carpet, tiles, timber, vinyl, rugs. It may be a case of simply adding a rug to provide some colour to boost the look of a room, or changing the type of flooring used.

Wall treatments

By far the most common wall coverings used are paint and wallpaper, although many other things such as tiles, timber, stone can be used to create for feature walls.

Window treatments

There are many different window treatments available including lined and sheer curtains, roman blinds,
roller blinds, venetian blinds, shutters, and also the choices of rods and tracks to put with the various window treatments. 


This includes what type of lighting to use is the different areas of your home for task, general and ambient lighting, but also help in selecting your light fittings.

Furniture (custom made and manufactured)

In order to optimise the way a room looks, it is essential that the furniture form fits the function it is meant to. This may mean rearranging your current furniture layout, or it could mean the purchase of, or having made, that special furniture piece.


Accessories perform a special function in any room design, as they often add that special “pop” of colour or fill an otherwise empty space. Types of accessories include art work, mirrors, vases, books, sculpture, ornaments, throws and cushions.